Who We Are

Bringing Hope to the Displaced, Distressed and Desolated in needy communities.


Assisting persons who have been physically displaced, mentally distressed and emotionally desolated in designated camps and shelters in the troubled communities in the Middle Belt of Nigeria due to communal clashes.

Creating positive platforms and hope to the affected persons including children, widows and orphans in shelters and troubled communities thrive against the imminent odds and challenges they are surrounded with.

Opportunities to improve the academic, mental and emotional wellbeing of the children in the camps by providing basic skills, educational needs and scholarships as foundations for overall growth and personal development to improve self-sufficiency upon their return home.

Restore and improve the overall health care of the children in the camps, shelters and other troubled communities suffering neglect by providing humanitarian relief, water, sanitation and Hygiene (WASH Project) and providing access to basic health care, food, and medical facilities.

Nurturing talented youths in the camps and shelters who are unable to thrive due to environmental factors and providing sound mentorship to create the needed focus to achieve their dreams in order to reduce refugee and migration crisis.

The Roots of Our Aims and Objectives

We started back in 2016 and received donations from friends and family. We like to say our story is similar to the way oak trees grow, from a tiny beginning to something mighty and powerful.

Our target groups are children between 0-16 years old and adults from 18-28 years old affected by the crisis, and who are currently in IDP camps. We focus on helping them grow and sustaining their development.

At ACORN, we put in extra time to nurture and create opportunities for the youths. Not only does it bring us great joy, but more importantly, it brings the youths happiness to get involved in the workshops we do with them. Whether it is for baking, sewing, or soap making, our main goal for these individuals is to show them self-sufficiency.

We believe not only in helping needful people catch their fish, but we also thrive in teaching them how to fish for themselves, and their homes.


WASH(Water, Sanitation and Hygiene.) –  Since voluntary repatriation and reintegration are basic prerequisites of successful post conflict rehabilitation and the ultimate expectation of any displaced population, providing basic amenities upon settlement in their forlorn communities is a vital goal of ACORN Initiative.  At ACORN, we have a long term goal of building and maintaining  boreholes in designated communities to meet their basic WASH needs and provision of irrigation systems for their farms since majority of the displaced persons are farmers.

HIB(Health in a Box) – Displaced persons often return to their communities to meet inadequate or nonexistent infrastructure with which to proceed with their normal lives. At ACORN, our long-term goal is to build hospitals and health centers which will be equipped to meet the primary health care needs of the community ranging from free medical checkups, treatment and counselling. This health centres will be located within the communities and have regular visits by our team of medical volunteers.

STB(Skill Tool Box) – Reintegration is better achieved when displaced persons are empowered to support their families. The displaced population are often composed of widows and farmers who are saddled with responsibilities, We at ACORN see empowering widows and the women population with skills such as soap making, baking, tailoring and IT literacy as a way of making them self-sufficient. The knowledge of these skills will also be backed up with financial grants to purchase the necessary materials for startup.  Farmers will be given financial grants to enable them commence farming activities in their communities.

LIB(Library in a Box) – With an almost nonexistent state of basic infrastructure in the devastated communities, educational activities will suffer a setback for the displaced population, our long-term goal at ACORN is to build schools or rebuild blocks of classrooms in each community and equip them with adequate learning materials to further gear up the intellectual capacity of the returnees. This is an effort to keep the youthful population educated and occupied while they prepare for the life ahead and possible career opportunities in the future. Scholarships will also be provided at different levels of education for the returnees. 

MIGRATION – At the centre of our humanitarian services is the outreach to refugees, migrants and homeless persons who are among the exploding migrant and refugee population in the world today. We identify with migrant families to address the social and economic barriers that they face while also partnering with refugee and migrant community organizations, groups and faith based networks to effectively service the pressing needs of homeless persons, refugees and migrants around the world. We see homelessness as a global epidemic affecting migrants, refugees and indigents making our outreach to help the homeless get on their feet a tripartite and all-inclusive action to salvage humanity. The world is currently overwhelmed with a housing situation leaving countless persons homeless resulting in an urgent need to provide help and succor.



Facilitating Growth in Needy Communities

United Kingdom​

Registered Charity Number 1185516

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