As a result of the crisis that took place in their various communities and villages, the unemployment rate is very high!. Most Internal Displaced Persons(IDP) have been ripped off their daily sources of survival, which is commonly farming. ACORN Initiative’s STB is set up to address the high rates of unemployment issues amongst IDPs. We believe skill empowerment leads to income generation and self-sufficiency. At ACORN, we design and place a full-equipped box with basic tools for baking, sewing and soap making. We have highly experienced experts as volunteers to assist in those skills. At the end of the training, ACORN provides gift set boxes to the trained individuals in order to engage in producing soaps, clothes and bread to support their daily welfare. With a donation of N 1,203,000, you can be a part of our success stories of growing emerging enterprises in IDPs through our Skill Tool Box set. To sponsor a STB project with your preferred logo on each box, kindly click the sponsor button.

United Kingdom​

Registered Charity Number 1185516

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