The health and well being of every Internal Displaced Person is the priority to us at ACORN, for in a healthy person there lies in wealth. We are more concerned for the mental and physical fitness of IDPs, as this is where the ability to carry out their daily duties is measured. We provide a safer and more hygienic environment in which we assist in supplying medical aids made up of a complete first aid box, sanitary towels, pain relievers, paracetamols,malaria and tuberculosis test kits. Most IDPs get injured and end up living with their injury for a lifetime due to lack of proper and immediate treatment. Join us in saving lives by providing first aid medical treatment for IDPs with just N54,800. To sponsor a HIB project with your preferred logo on the box, kindly click the sponsor button.
Good health and good sense are two of life’s greatest blessings”  Publilius Syrus

United Kingdom​

Registered Charity Number 1185516

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