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We believe that collaboration is the epitome of what community is all about. ACORN Initiative is always looking for companies, other charities and fund raisers to work with who can elevate our mission on their platforms and help us focus on our vision by sharing their expertise on our charitable works.

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Partnerships with companies

We want to work with businesses whose staff share the same ethos and vision as we do. Whether that’s through encouraging their staff members to volunteer with us in their spare time, creating memorable experiences with their family and friends through an established support/donor system, or simply involving our charity within the business’ mandate itself.

All we want is a genuine, united effort to help grow these communities. If your business is willing to sow with us, we’d be happy to reap with you.

Non-cash contributions

ACORN Initiative constantly looks for partners who share the same goals we do when it comes to the provision of basic health care, food and water, as well as educational and learning development programmes and mentorship schemes. We make sure that any in-kind support is allocated, distributed and used in ways not only beneficial to our mission, but will also make the most out of their generosity.

Working with Trusts and Foundations

Our work can only be sustained and continued with full efforts and high efficacy through our loyal donors. Trusts and foundations can work with us in ways that can support our mission through shared beliefs in positive social impact and enhancing growth in needful communities. We believe philanthropy shapes our future, especially for those whose future have been blurred by conflict and turmoil.

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