Welcome to the donor page of ACORN initiative, we appreciate the love and support extended to our beneficiaries. So many lives have been touched and countless stories have been rewritten because of your generous support. Below are the list of our generous donors who have given to support the mission of bringing hope to the displaced, distressed and desolated in needy communities across Nigeria and UK.

Community Fund

The National Lottery Community Fund, legally named the Big Lottery Fund ,is a non-departmental public body responsible for distributing funds raised by the National Lottery for "good causes". Since 2004 it has awarded over £6 billion to more than 130,000 projects in the UK. The Community Fund aims to support projects which help communities and people it considers most in need. Over 80 per cent of its funds go to voluntary and community organisations, it also makes grants to statutory bodies, local authorities and social enterprises. The fund makes grants to projects working in health, education and the environment and the charitable sector.

Faithful With A Few Ministries

Faithful With A Few Ministries was formed in 2015 and birthed out of a God-given mandate to equip believers with the tools required to live a life committed to the pursuit and fulfilment of purpose. Faithful With A Few Ministries seeks to prepare a people who will take their place in the Kingdom, affect the world around them, and return the glory back to God. Alongside the preaching and teaching ministry, as of 2019 Faithful With A Few Ministries has branched into missionary activities. Though six Flagship Programmes, Faithful With A Few Ministries are building wells and providing clean water; providing solar energy systems to destitute families; providing bibles to countries within the 10/40 window; organising mission trips to provide the opportunity for people to serve; sponsoring orphaned babies and children living within homes; supporting ministries focused on discipleship, rehabilitation, health and education.

First Dream Homes

First dream homes design and also build properties from scratch to finish including interior & exterior finishing, based in London, they apply guiding principles of exceptional design and build, insisting on meeting stringent standards and offering value for money in a wide range of sought-after locations in England.and Wales. First dream homes donates a portion of their profits to assist displaced persons in third world countries such as Uganda, Ghana, Nigeria and also some European countries such as Romania, Poland, etc.


GAP’s Charitable Foundation is a part of GAP Group Established in 1969, GAP Hires Solutions and is the UK's leading independent equipment hire company. With ten divisions and over 140 locations across the UK, GAP hires everything from dumpers, diggers and tools to track mats and portable toilets, the charity was set up in April 2015 and donates around 0.5% of the company’s profits to charities. Since its formation, GAP Giving has donated over £356,000 to more than 420 different charities across the UK and further afield

Assured Charity Organisation

Assured Charity is a non-profit charity organization that was formed to fight child abuse, poor communities, cruelty to animals and illiteracy. The organisation formed in North Carolina came together with the desire to eradicate the illiteracy of children. They strive to provide meaningful education for children by equipping them with the necessary educational and non-educational materials and tuition fees where necessary. Through our seasonal and professional staffs, we offer shelter and counselling to emotionally, psychologically, and sexually abuse children. Their attitude is to show compassion and love. In addition Assured charity provides access to clean water to communities. They help communities by providing clean water, restoring water networks and sewage systems, supporting water wells and offering pre-fabricated washrooms and toilets to sheltered camps and communities, also provision of water filtration infrastructure, water tanks, and to promote safe practice and maintenance of water systems especially in destressed communities in Africa.


The Waterloo Foundation (TWF) is an independent grant-making Foundation created in 2007, and based in Cardiff, Wales. They give grants to organisations in both the UK and world-wide. They are most interested in projects that help globally particularly in the areas of the disparity of opportunities and wealth and the unsustainable use of the world’s natural resources. We want to help both the global community and the local community here in Wales. They hope to make annual grants of around £6 million for charitable purposes in our core programme areas of:
world development
the environment
child development

Sal’s Shoes

Sal’s Shoes is a registered charity in England and Wales, a charity who find new feet for preloved children’s shoes. There are 300 million children in the world for whom walking with shoes is a rarity. This makes them extremely vulnerable to infection by parasites, such as hookworm; while injuries to the feet and ankles can lead to ulcers and other conditions which are almost always left untreated. Without shoes, many children are not permitted to attend school. Sal's Shoes cross continents to make sure that used, loved (and barely worn) outgrown shoes are delivered straight from you to those in need. Sal's Shoes have found new feet for almost 1,500,000 pairs of shoes in 43 countries around the world, including the UK.

Eleanor Rathbone Charitable Trust

The Eleanor Rathbone Charitable Trust was settled by Trust Deed (charity no. 233241) ) on February 4th 1947. Eleanor Rathbone (1872-1946) was associated with many campaigns for social reform, particularly on issues affecting women. She was also involved with women's suffrage, human rights, and refugee issues. She was the daughter of William Rathbone VI, an outstanding philanthropist dedicated to social reform too. The Trust priorities charities that benefit women, girls, young people and families, who are economically deprived and/or socially excluded in Merseyside, UK and internationally in Sub-Saharan Africa, the Indian Sub Continent, Afghanistan and Palestine. In 2014/2015, the Trust's grant total was £273,250.

The Tesco Community Grants

The Tesco Community Grants support thousands of local community projects and good causes across the UK. The scheme is open to all registered charities and not-for-profit organisations, with priority given to projects that provide food and support to young people. Tesco has been awarding community grants since 2016 and has supported over 6,000 schools, over 2,000 sports teams, 2,300 Brownies, Guides, Rainbows, Scouts, Cubs, Beavers, Rangers groups and 1,400 elderly and vulnerable groups.

The Cumber Family Charitable Trust

The Trust was founded in 1985 by a Berkshire farming family, and the current Trustees are all still family members. They support charities working throughout the UK and the third world. Their interests are centred on farming, agricultural and conservation work, educational needs, especially those involving disadvantaged children and medical appeals, especially cancer research and the hospice movement.

Souter Charitable Trust

Souter Charitable Trust was set up by Sir Brian and his wife, Lady Elizabeth, in 1992. Since 2006 The Souter Charitable Trust has awarded more than 15,000 grants totalling over £104 million. The trust supports projects for the relief of human suffering in the UK and overseas, and, as committed Christians, Sir Brian and Lady Elizabeth are particularly interested in projects that also promote spiritual welfare. Over the years, the trust has supported thousands of projects ranging from combating the world’s biggest killer, malaria, to supplying daily meals to school children in Africa.

Gilchrist Educational Trust

The Gilchrist Educational Trust was established in 1865 and has provided good and varied work in the field of education over the last 150 years. For many years it sponsored scholarships to Britain for students from India, Canada and Australia; scholarships and fellowships for women at Oxford and Cambridge; travelling studentships for secondary-school teachers; an annual series of public lectures in British industrial centres;  and grants to the Workers’ Educational Association and for university extension courses. In recent years, grants have been offered to those who have made proper provisions to fund a degree or higher education course but find themselves facing unexpected financial difficulties that may prevent completion. 

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