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UNHRC states that the determinants of a child’s health status are factors involving food, water, environmental sanitation and shelter. And where this is lacking children will suffer extremely high rates of morbidity and mortality.  1 in 4 kids suffer from water borne diseases due to drinking unclean water, diarrhea is one of the biggest threats to the lives of young children. We at ACORN seek to provide 3 packages: Bottled Water, water tanks and bore holes. Theses will help meet up with the WHO minimum water standard of 20 liters of portable water per person a day for cooking and drinking. In some designated camps in Benue, A child is barely able to get a liter of clean water per day. See below to sponsor a project.

Water tank – This water delivery comes in a truck with over 5000 gallons of water and can meet the water needs of over 650 persons including men, women and children in a camp. ACORN currently has several tanks in designated camps where water is constantly supplied weekly or bi-weekly. The services of water tanks are sourced from reliable and independent water vendors on request to any of the camps within or around the city center. This delivery comes to camps with storage facilities large enough to carry the 5000 gallons of water needed to be delivered.

A water tank costs an average of N 135,000(£293/ $382).

Borehole- The hot weather in the Northern Central part of Nigeria can reach a soaring temperature of 45 degrees. The heat is so scorching that those living in without adequate protective shelter against the burning heat of the sunlight are always in distressed and discomfort especially the little ones. A borehole provides portable and safe drinking water supply all year round for the camps and helps to manage the hot temperature. A minimum of 2500 children and families will benefit immensely from a drilled and maintained borehole.

A child in a camp has access to 0.5 liters of water (sometimes less) per day from unclean sources. However, with a drilled and maintained borehole, the same child can have access to 3-5 liters per day. This will also help prevent water borne diseases– one of the leading causes of death amongst kids under the age of 5.

Bottled Water – ‘AQUA Pack’. This contains 15 packs of 60cl of bottled water, with 20 bottles per pack. The AQUA Pack has a capacity of meeting the water needs of over 60 children per day in the camp. This will alleviate the daily water needs of the children and further save them from preventive water borne diseases. It also acts as an emergency supply.
An AQUA pack costs N15,000 (£33/ $43), and a 20-bottle pack on their own costs of N1000 (£4.50/$5.80).

TO PARTNER WITH ACORN INITIATIVE ON BUILDING A BOREHOLE OR ANY OF THE ABOVE PROJECTS, PLEASE CONTACT partners@acorninitiative.org . We believe in planting seeds. Help us in rebuilding communities!

No sponsorship is too small. A few drops of water can save a life.

“People with water-borne diseases occupy more than 50% of hospital beds across the world. Does the answer lie in building more hospitals? Really, what is needed is to give them clean water”. Manoj Bhargava

United Kingdom​

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