At the centre of our humanitarian services is the outreach to refugees, migrants and homeless persons who are among the exploding migrant and refugee population in the world today. We identify with migrant families to address the social and economic barriers that they face while also partnering with refugee and migrant community organizations, groups and faith based networks to effectively service the pressing needs of homeless persons, refugees and migrants around the world. We see homelessness as a global epidemic affecting migrants, refugees and indigents making our outreach to help the homeless get on their feet a tripartite and all-inclusive action to salvage humanity. The world is currently overwhelmed with a housing situation leaving countless persons homeless resulting in an urgent need to provide help and succor. We provide basic services to those in need, helping them get on their feet and creating an atmosphere of acceptance for them in the community. We organize workshops and seminars to local refugees, migrants and homeless persons enlightening them on participation rights, entitlements, opportunities and how to access them. Our drive also is to ensure positive community cohesion and interaction through the use of cultural exchange activities like events which enables migrant and refugee families regardless of their background to have equal access to basic services. Our services of promoting inclusion and integrating  migrants, refugee and homeless families in the community has a geographical coverage of Surrey, Hampshire, London, Manchester & Berkshire in the United Kingdom and the middle belt region of Nigeria in West Africa.

United Kingdom​

Registered Charity Number 1185516

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